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In   the   Parkside   Art   Gallery   you   will   find   a   featured   presentation   as   well   as   a   selection   of paintings   by   local   artists.   If   you   want   a   gift   that's   unique   to   the   Cariboo,   visit   the   Gallery's   Gift Shop.   We   offer   a   wide   range   of   locally-crafted   items,   from   pottery   and   woodwork   to   jewellery and   original   art   cards.   Your   purchase   at   the   Gift   Shop   supports   both   local   artisans   and   the running   of   the   Gallery.   Many   of   our   artists   volunteer   to   run   Parkside   Art   Gallery   so   come   in, browse around and meet some of your local artists.
Mission statement South Cariboo Arts and Culture Society’s mission is to increase and broaden the opportunities for residents and visitors of the South Cariboo to enjoy and participate in arts and cultural activities by providing a positive atmosphere for cultural growth and enrichment.
 Volunteers staff our gallery: Tuesday to Friday :10 to 4 Saturday: 10 to 3 
Find us with this map.
 100 Mile House 401 Cedar Avenue Canada BC 250-395-2021 email www.parksideartgallery.ca for more information: https://www.facebook.com/ parksideartgallery
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